Lamasat Nierah represents Meltem Smart brand in Qatar. Lamasat Nierah chose this Meltem Smart Brand is compatible with international safety standardsParenting is a wonderful experience that includes the decision and choice of baby and children equipments, clothes, toys and furniture.

Lamasat Nierah Department Store is committed to selecting Turkish Brands that comply with safety and health standards worldwide. Lamasat Nierah cares that your children, baby and toddler stay safe and grow healthy.


It is necessary when making a decision to buy children’s furniture and toys and to think logically about the procedures and specifications that have been approved in each country or according to the legislation of the country in which you reside, and to ensure the safety and security of these furniture , textile and clothing products.

This is very important for health of your child, and because of the high numbers of injuries among children from  using furniture or toys that do not comply with universal safety standards.

 Several laws and regulations have been enacted for the most important security and safety specifications that must be available in children’s toys and furniture, with monitoring by the state on the commitment of manufacturers and suppliers to these specifications. Parents also have a great responsibility in choosing Furniture suitable for the child and taking into account the most important security and safety specifications stipulated by governmental and international agencies, as well as choosing toys suitable for the age of the child and monitoring him with care.

Lamasat Nierah has chosen  to be the single sponsor and agent to  MELTEM SMART Products in Qatar. This article summarizes the safety of MELTEM SMART BRAND products,  as they are the leading safe and healthy furniture manufacturers in  Turkey. 

Features of the Meltem Smart brand and its compatibility with international safety standards:

1. Meltem smart products are anti-bacterial, anti-androgenic and anti-allergic, and are suitable for sensitive children  and baby skins. The high quality of materials used prevent the harvest of microbes and thus protects kids from microbe-born diseases.

2. Durable, safe and premium, it contains no plastic or polyester.

3. Takes into account international safety and security specifications that are discussed in details in our other article, please click here.

4. Awarded as the best international brand, being healthy for children and high in quality.

5. Their products are covered using natural organic wood that is safe for children.

6. MELTEM SMART BRAND products are distinguished by the use of textiles with special organic cotton fabrics that comply with the safety standards for children's products that does not include carcinogens.