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Natural Wood Swinging Baby Crib & Sleep Set

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This baby crib is made from high-quality laminated beech wood that does not contain paint or varnish. With a swinging system that ensures smooth and pleasurable rocking. The fairly easy process of assembly makes this baby crib even more appealing to parents.


The front legs of the crib have fixing pieces that hold it in place for stability, while the hind legs end with wheels to move the crib around easily.


Sleep Set Contents:

A pillow, a mosquito net, a quilt, and two bow pieces.


Sleep Set Cleaning Instructions:

- Machine washable at 30 degrees on delicate washing mode and without wringing.

- Dry by laying on a flat surface, not by hanging.


Our sleeping set is made out of 100% cotton fabric.


Suitable for babies up to 12 months old.


Wooden Cradle Dimensions:

- Depth: 40 cm

- Length: 100cm

- Width: 63cm

- Height: 81 cm



Country of origin: Turkey.


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