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Measures the body height for ages 0-5 years old


Little Gift Cute Teddy Bear Brown Baby Room Hanging Decorative Height Gauge

It is made of cotton fabric and is a cute and stylish product that can be used for many years compared to wall stickers. While using it to measure your baby's height, toddlers height, children's height up to 5 years old,  it also creates a stylish look in baby/kids rooms. You can measure by attaching the plush toy to the velcro on the side. This height rules measures up to 110 cm.

  • Cotton-rich flexible material, easy readable, light weight non-stretch, non-shrink, closed -cell plastic foam.
  • Length measuring  for child, 0-5 years;
  • Machine washable with delicate mode
  • Flexible organic fabric provides direct reading in cm and inch
  • Measuring range up to 1 m and 10 cm
  • Accuracy 1 mm
  • Easy readable in low light working situations
  • Material, lightweight non-stretch non-shrink, organic mixture of Turkish fabrics that are cotton-rich
  • The design allows rough handling
  • Perfect gifts idea

Comes as part of Gifts collection, baby gifts, children gifts, kids gifts, newborn gifts

Made in Turkey 


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Baby Growing Meter, infant Growing Meter, toddler and children body length Height meter Kids growth ruler children body measurement from 0-5 years old

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