Lamasat Nierah offers Kiwi Brand Baby and Toddler products in Qatar. This brand offers a wide range of portable prams, beds and strollers with mutiple functions. 

 Lamasat Nierah chose Kiwi Brand  because it is compatible with international safety standards. 


Kiwi brand features and its compatibility with international safety standards as follows: 

1. The Kiwi brand provides monitoring devices for newborns for the safety and comfort of children and to notify parents of any movement of their child.

2. Availability of a foldable wheelchair for children, as it works for the safety of children while eating. It has many features, including adjusting the height of the level for the child, and does not contain azo dyes, and does not contain phthalates and carcinogens, and it is removable and adjustable.

3. It provides a city way stroller for two-way use, it contains a seating position that can be used as a carrycot, safe use with a start stop, a large and useful lower basket and a zipper, a rain guard and an adjustable handle in height, a removable cover, a maintenance bag for the protection and safety of children during exiting the house according to safety and security standards for children.


4. Kiwi brand provides high quality products at reasonable prices in accordance with international safety standards.

5. Kiwi offers the Wooden Feet Folding Baby Bed with Removable and Washable Comfortable Baby Linen Cover, Easily and Safely Transport, High Density  organic Sponge Wrapped Linen Fabric that has pores that allow continouse ventilation for healthy baby skin.

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