Royal Mood Mum-Side Crib Cream – Lamasat Nierah Department Store

 This set includes the crib , mattress, bedding textile and mosquito net 

Age: 0-1 year

Size: 50cm x 90 cm 

Wood Type: MDF Wood

  Bed Textile Set is Made from  Organic Cotton 

Bed Mattress: made of cotton fabric and has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties. Wash in washing machine at 30 degrees.

Mosquito netting: made of soft tulle that protects the baby from the atmosphere and helps to breathe normally.

Rocking feature: available, assisting to easily sleep.

Bed levels: 3 levels according to the comfort of the mother.

There are wheels to move the bed easily without damaging the bed or the floor.

 Installation: The bed will be assembled and delivered to your home by Lamasat Nierah Team.


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Royal Mood Mum-Side Crib Cream

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