Includes: Bed + mattress + bedding textile + mosquito net + wardrobe + drawers chest

 Age : all ages (0-16+ years) due  to the transforming characteristics of the bed when the baby grows, the side cabinet is separated and the partitions are removed so that the bed becomes the size of an adult bed to fit the baby when the child grows


Featuring MDF Turkish wood with hardness and quality that accompanies the Little King in various stages of growth taking into account the health of our little King using a healthy 100% hypoallergenic coating.


Despite the quality and power of manufacturing, we have not forgotten the importance of aesthetic touches and youthful childish design that will continue to characterize our little king's bedroom in various stages of life.


Decoration: the image of the King's crown was skilfully hand-carved  on the cabinet and the chevonnier so that our little king could grow in a real royal atmosphere.


Bed: 192 x 125 cm, rocking feature available.


2 bed level according to the comfort of the mother.


Equipped with the function of switching from a baby bed to an adult bed.


Comfortable medical mattress ensures our little princess healthy growth


Hand-embroidered cotton bedding set, with soft and delicate lace.


Soft and fluffy mosquito net ensures her natural and healthy breathing.


The bed has a large bottom drawer for storage.


Three side drawers with handles made of porcelain: turn into a komodino and the surface can be used as a table.


Wardrobe 139 x 208 cm, three-door, contains a single door with glass windows that reflect difference and innovation in design


Four-drawer high Cabinet (chevonira) 94 x 103 cm, divided from the inside to facilitate the process of arranging items.


Installation: installed by the specialist team of Lamasat Nierah.


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King Bedroom Set : Baby , Toddler ,Kids and Teenagers Convertible Bedroom

QAR 11.500,00