Gift this perfect set of 10 pieces to a newborn baby boy. This mega set contains a baby sleepsuit, a long-sleeve top, a pair of pants, a bodysuit, a pair of scratch mitts, a baby hat, a bib, a pair of shoes, head band and a blanket. All of the items are made 100% from cotton and contain only baby-friendly materials as to not cause any allergies or irritations. Booties are made from organic silks and cotton


Suitable for ages 0-3 months.

Blanket dimensions: 90x83 cm.

Country of origin: Turkey.


It is made of 100% cotton fabric. No materials that will harm your baby's health are used in its production. It does not contain carcinogenic substances. It has anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. It is soft. It will add elegance to your baby's elegance with its colors and patterns.


Package Includes
1-Blanket 2-Jumpsuit 3-Top vest  4-Bottom  5-Bodysuit 6-Bib 7-Shoes as booties 8-Hat 9-Gloves 10-napkin

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Prince Crown Sky Blue Ribbon White Baby Boys Greeting Set 10 Pieces

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